Preschool & Kindergarten: CBP classrooms are exceptional!  Our rooms are equipped with age-appropriate toys and materials that offer challenging and interesting activities for the children throughout the day. The furnishings are child-sized so that children feel comfortable when sitting at the table for any activity.  Classrooms are colorfully decorated using the children's artwork and educationally-themed enhancements.  At all age levels the classrooms come alive every day as the children explore and learn. 

Property History: The current Calvary Baptist Church building was originally an Ingles’ grocery store on Main Street in King.  But Ingles' closed and sat vacant for many years until, in 2001, Calvary Baptist Church bought the property and the transformation began! The beautiful new Calvary Baptist Church complex on Main Street is actually the third facility that the Calvary congregation has occupied during a 40-year history that began in a little truck stop. The current sanctuary is situated on 13 acres of land purchased as part of a "step of growth" vision to house Calvary′s growing congregation and its multiple local, regional, and international ministries.