Calvary Baptist Church’s Early Childhood Education Center

began as a 4 year old “pre-Kindergarten” program in 1995 and remained as such until 2009 when we discovered that the state considered us a formal child care program.  We took that revelation as a call from God to become just that; a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church to assist the families in our church and surrounding community with the education and care of their children!   We are a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church and we share the church's campus and facilities as well as its Biblical focus and loving atmosphere.

Well rounded-experiences

Our primarily hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities target all aspects of early childhood development, while emphasizing the love of Jesus Christ. We strive to maintain a balance of child-initiated play with activities that are teacher-directed, to provide a well-rounded experience.

Specialty classes and curriculum

Our program offers a unique, customized curriculum for each age level, from 1 year through K4.  Our well-trained staff follows a planned, formal schedule of instruction each day. The lesson plans incorporate a variety of fun-filled activities. Our staff is actively involved with the children’s daily activities, enjoying the experiences and wonder of learning alongside the children.  Our staff work hard to cultivate a desire for learning and growing.

Class size

Our ratios are:


Age Ratio
1 years1:6
2 years1:10
3 years1:15
4 and  years1:20

We are annually inspected by the North Carolina Division of Child Development under religious exemption status.